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Imagine if you could connect all your existing systems with a continuous process solution while eliminating manual interfaces, error sources, and losses in quality and efficiency. Our Intelligent Digital Business Platform enables you to do so with minimal effort.

How we make this happen for You




We connect existing systems into a single, efficient, and accurate process solution. Our intelligent digital business process management suite (iBPMS) can automate process decisions across the organisation giving you confidence 





We simplify the customer journey and increase internal efficiency through modern architecture, low code applications, adaptive case management systems, mission-critical systems, field service offline/online solutions and many other use cases.  





When it comes to digitalisation projects, the main challenge is often in the rapid execution of complex processes, balanced with a justifiable cost.  We deliver this with our advanced technology platform in combination with process optimisation and change management skills.






The technology bridges the gap between state-of-the-art IT strategy and traditional application silos and also allows for the digitisation of all those requirements which are not accurately supported by existing systems. The platform is the perfect answer to all digitisation pressures.

Low Code Application Composition

Processes can be defined and implemented without programming or process modelling skills, online and in real time. That way, processes with clearly defined rules and competences are digitalized rapidly and available right away. Gartner calls this trendsetting implementation approach “Citizen Developer.” It is assumed that at least 80% of all back-office processes will be implemented using this approach in the future.

Why choose Axios?

It's very simple.

In a world of digital transformation, only companies that achieve a competitive advantage through end-to-end processes will be among the winners in the future. Adaptation and change competence is part of the basic setup. With our Intelligent Digital Business Platform, all business processes can be digitalized and automated end-to-end. Challenge more and you win more.


Build seamless experiences for customers and staff. They will love you for that. Start small or start big the choice is yours.  The technology is Enterprise-grade and still flexible enough to bring you small wins with small projects and that's important for gaining confidence across your organisation.


A major leasing company has managed to reduce the processing time of leasing applications from three or four business days to 15 minutes and to significantly improve the risk assessment. The efficiency gains and the potential for increased sales are enormous.




Using our Swiss engineered technology suite you can rapidly prototype, POC and implement powerful applications that change the way your organisation addresses internal and external challenges. We bring a critical success factor to your organisation. Do more, do it more quickly and at a reduced cost.

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Customers across multiple industries rely on this technology

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Don't take our word for it.

Read the Gartner Report in Breaking News and see what they say about the Axon Ivy iBPMS technology platform, the company and support.

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AXIOS Technology is the Australian and New Zealand Partner to Axon Ivy.


Look through the Success Stories to learn more about customers who have become more competitive and more agile by designing and implementing digital processes with this 'Gartner Magic Quadrant' technology. 

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Process digitalisation across the enterprise

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There are many Use Cases for our technology. Here is one example: Quality Assurance in Facility Management

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Today, companies are exposed to more and tougher competition than ever before. They are forced to continuously optimize business processes and to provide as much automation as possible.


It is not only cost optimization that takes priority in the course of digitalization. It is rather to question one’s own business models, which may have even been successful over many years. In doing so, new and innovative ideas are inevitable.  And it must be possible to implement them in a fast and simple manner.  Providing support in integrated process optimization, the Axon Ivy iBPM Suite is the ideal platform for digital transformation.


Traditional systems, built for strength and reliability, resistant to change, still predominate the IT landscape for a reason. They are core systems.  Using the Axon Ivy iBPM suite, existing systems will remain untouched even after the successful implementation of the digital transformation process.

AXIOS Technology and AXON iVY are the perfect partners for a successful start into your digitalisation journey.

 The new digitalization platform enables the use of a so-called bimodal IT and allows for the implementation of dedicated solutions for specific challenges.


Success Factors of Digitalization:

•  Business Process Management
•  Adaptive Case Management
•  Internet of Things
•  Big Data
•  Social Collaboration
•  Intelligent Mobility                     Read Case Studies>


Who is Axios Technology?

Axios Technology provides a development platform that combines process and system automation through a low code, agile, transparent platform built with Swiss precision. 


It is a system that is built to accommodate modern requirements for change.  The technology has been recognised by Gartner as visionary in the iBPM space. 


Axios scopes, designs, implements and maintains digitised processing for our customers.  Enterprise-grade, the platform is still flexible enough to be an ideal solution for small and medium as well as large projects.

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