Every company goes through a different digital transformation process. Challenges like the development of a new or disruptive business model, missing end-to-end core processes, or inefficient back office processes often act as a starting point. Using the AXON.Ivy Digital Business Platform as the foundation addresses those exact challenges in a unique way.


"Start small – think big"




You don't have to always start with a major new disruptive business model. Sometimes it's okay to start small and build from there. One of the advantages of this approach is that you can quickly establish proof points evidencing success and that can lead to greater confidence across the organisation.


Equally, don't be afraid to engage with bigger projects. If there are dire pressures on an organisation and significant change is sorely needed then our people and technology fully support larger projects. New business models today almost always involve a major digitalisation effort. The AXON.Ivy Digital Business Platform enables businesses to quickly implement completely disruptive models, or just single business processes, in an agile, reliable and flexible way.


The following are some example Use Cases (with explainer videos). Reach out to us and see if we can help you with your particular needs.

















Accounts Payable Flow


97% of invoices are still processed manually. A digitized accounts payable flow helps establish total control over invoice matching through invoice approval to transfer into the accounting system. Your employees have the chance to get back to their core business instead of doing administrative work. This gives you a huge potential for cost savings and improved productivity.


What is the solution about?

When it comes to invoices, there is no one-size-fits-all: sources, formats and contents all differ considerably. There is one constant, though: manual invoice processing is slow and error-prone and, as a result, costly. 

  • Flexible process flows including approval hierarchies

  • ERP independent

  • Customization to your needs

  • Audit trail of invoice approval

  • Multi - language

  • Industry-independent


Pain Points

  • Manual Account Payable processes often result in lots of finger pointing between the managers, purchasers, and vendors.

  • Labour intensive and inefficient processes: Stacks of paper invoices scatter throughout departments.

  • High staff costs: due to many manual back-office tasks.

  • Business is growing, but you don’t have the resources to hire another employee.

  • According to Forrester Research, Accounts Payable has a high cost per transaction, as high as $12 per invoice in some organizations.

  • Less paper means less physical storage,  means you save money, save space, while you protect forests.



Only exceptions and special cases need manual processing, while about 80% of bills can be automatically processed.

Don’t miss the opportunities of early payment discount. Automated processing not only reduces internal costs by over 50%, but it ensures that internal rules and procedures are always precisely followed.



  • Win time •  Eliminate errors • Save money •  Enable quick decisions • Ban paperwork



Talk to us now about your particular needs. 


Managing Work Absences


Managing absences is more than just a leave request and a superior’s approval. Everything is going digital, and that’s great. So, why hang on to those messy Excel sheets or vacation forms with sloppy handwriting? Employees enter Leave requests and the software ensures the manager will be informed and can approve the request with just one mouse click.


 Pain points

  • Getting vacation approvals or organizing employees’ HR information can be quite time-consuming

  • Crucial employee information is spread among files in a cabinet, documents on your desk, and emails in in various folders. 

  • Redundant work

  • Lots of companies have only implemented the vacation leave request in their HR tool


How does it work?

It is a multi-step approval workflow that can be easily adapted to your 'client-specific' needs. All data can be transferred into underlying systems (HR, Payroll, etc.).


This solution enables management of requests such as:

vacation, family member leave, sick leave, compensatory time, special leave and business trips.

For business trips, the solution allows employees to submit all relevant information (duration of trips, means of transport, costs, justification among others - these can all be easily tailored to your 'client-specific' needs).



  • Time savings

  • Best practice guidance

  • Obtain absence overviews

  • Comply with legal requirements and company policies

  • Self-service time management

  • Smooth transfer into the HR system




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Onsite Mobile Quality Check


The Mobile Quality Check improves on-site maintenance, inspection and service work. Wonderful for companies engaged in facility management, security services, cleaning services, hotels, or city or local council management, and many more. Get rid of Excel and the paper chaos. This digitization increases efficiency, minimizes errors and increases customer satisfaction while reducing complexity for the business users in their daily tasks. AXON Ivy guarantees a great adaptability according to your individual needs.


What is it about?

It is a solution for companies that have to execute regular quality check and controls on-site:

  • Hotels: regular room quality check

  • Municipalities: occasional checks of facilities like playgrounds, parks.

  • Facility Management: monthly quality controls to check if work was done properly

  • Service companies: regular inspection, like elevator maintenance

  • Production companies: regular maintenance of machines

It improves both the work on site and also the back office processes.


Pain Points

  • Lots of paperwork: This is often done manually by using a paper-form and filling out a list. The customers had to sign the form. This paper document was then transferred (either by post, fax or by e-mail as a scanned document) to the back office and internal departments.

  • Error-prone: In the back office one or several persons have to digitize this form (typing, scanning, storing...etc).

  • Slow and lots of effort: often, a protocol of the quality control results has to be sent to the customer and a copy to the finance department in order to release the invoice.

  • High staff costs: due to many manual back-office tasks.



The error rate decreases dramatically because the process follows a clearly defined path.

However, by using the functionality of the ad hoc process, side-steps are still available in case someone needs to deviate from the designed flow (e.g., involving a colleague for a decision). This ensures daily execution flexibility



Automated workflows •  Direct feedback option • Graphical analysis of data • Electronic document handling •  User-friendly interfaces • Customizable solution • Online and offline capability to execute quality checks on site • The API means you can connect the Axon.ivy IOS app or any other external apps.



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Nurture your innovators, manage your business more efficiently, make incremental flexible changes to the way your organisation can operate.  It is worth it.


The following brochure expands the discussion into many more areas for using the technology.  Robust and flexible the platform is an ideal digital transformation opportunity for your organisation.

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